I'm a designer and creative thinker who is inspired by curiosity. I've always had that strong desire to learn about something new. I usually find it by reading the latest articles, watching tutorials, going to meetups, and participating in challenges. Web & Graphic Design, Page Layout, and UI are things that excite me. I enjoy collaborating with others to problem solve and who share a passion of design.​​​​​​​ 
When I'm away from the laptop, I'm outdoors traveling with my camera taking photographs of nature, landscapes, or whatever inspires me.  I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing board games, attending events, watching awesome movies like "Black Panther", and drinking my #1 favorite beverage COFFEE!  If I'm home bound,  I'll be working on DIY projects or making jewelry. 
Get in Touch
Interested in talking with me about starting a project - or chatting about work on my portfolio - feel free to reach out.​​​​​​​
To get in touch, email me at nicholea75@gmail.com
For more information or to follow my work, you can find me on these social media channels:
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