"During my time working directly with Nichole on a web page redesign, she consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of work ethic, reliability and overall productivity. She often helped find solutions to problems by looking at the issue in a different context. She offered several alternative ideas and was always open to feedback. She easily took on new challenges and looked for opportunities to improve her knowledge related to the task at hand. Her skills in graphic design and photography were also a huge benefit in the overall design and layout of the finished project. Several of her photos were incorporated into the web page, creating a nice customized look. Her friendly and helpful attitude was also refreshing and welcomed. Nichole has a rock solid work ethic and is not one to shy away from a difficult task. She faces challenges head-on; usually with a little laugh and a quick smile. She communicates well and is very intelligent, responsible and trustworthy. She performed every task I asked of her without hesitation. I would highly recommend Nichole for any web-based design project."
-Ric Jenkerson, President & Co-owner
Internship, Salon Thirteen
"Nichole worked on logo and branding for one of our clients and did a great job. She listened to needs well, presented what was requested, and adjusted where needed. She has a trait rare in designers, the ability not to take feedback personally while still being invested in the work. The result was a brand and logo that everyone is excited about."
- John Durso, Owner
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